oxidation number

Is this the correct oxidation numbers for H and O in hydrogen peroxide H2O2; H 1+, O 1- . Why or why not ?


Yes ,  H +1, O 1-  is the correct oxidation state of each element H and O in H2O2 because as per oxidation number rules the O oxygen in perooxides should be -1 and H is and +1 so these are correct oxidation numbers .


Yes H is +1 and O is -1 is peroxides so these oxidation numbers are correct .

What is the oxidation number of nitrogen in nitric acid,HNO3 ?


The oxidation number of nitorgen in nitric acid HNO3 is

O = -2

H = + 1

above should be known to you since these are among oxidation number rules :

to find the oxidation number of N , we need to use the rule ' that the sum of the oxidation number of the each element of a compound is equal to the o if the compound is neutral or the net charge of it if the compound has a net charge.So, in HNO3 lets say that the Nitrogen charge is x

1 + X + (-2) 3 = 0

1+ x+ (-6) = 0

x -5 = 0

X = +5

Nitrogen has +5 oxidation number


Nitrogen has +5 oxidation number in HNO3