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Write a balanced equation to find the molarity of solution at the STP using stoichiometry

Submitted by braylee on Wed, 03/27/2013 - 00:40

What is the molarity ({\rm M}) of the {\rm HCl} solution if 244mL of the {\rm HCl} solution reacts with excess cadmium to produce 3.80L of {\rm H}_{2} gas measured at {\rm STP}?

Write the balanced equation to get the stoichiometry

perhaps it is Cd + 2HCl ---> CdCl2 + H2. If this is right then  2mole of HCl makes 1 mole of H2 which has a volume of 22.4L at stp. So find  moles of HCl needed to make 3.80L of H2 .. Then molarity HCl = number of moles HCl/volume HCl in L