What are the temp and pressure conditions for an optimum yield of Nitrogen Monoxide by the oxidation of ammonia?

I believe the answer is low temp/ low pressure but I don't fully understand how I'm supposed to come to that answer mathematically... I'm basing that answer off a hunch considering the information in the text.

The oxidation of  NH3 takes place  in the presence of a catalyst like Pt ammonia reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen monoxide which futher reacts with oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide.

You may watch this video to know about the conditions of temperature and pressure



4NH3 (ammonia) + 5O2 (oxygen) < --->  4NO (nitric oxide) + 6H2O (water)   + Heat  


       Reaction is exothermic  and pressure is high on the product side.Now you apply Le Chalelier's Priniciple  to know the optimum conditions for more yield of NO .It means you want to shift equilibrium more on the product side...so keep pressure low and temperature low(sufficient but not high)  so that equilibrium can go more on the product side.