Standard Enthalpy

Use this for part (a)

N2H4(g) +2 H2O2(l) -> N2(g) + 4 H2O(g)

a) Calculate the enthalpy change, Delta{H}^{o}, for the above reaction using the enthalpy of formation values from the following table.

Delta{H}^{o}f (kJ/mol)

N2H4(g)                                                 95.40

H2O2(l)                                                  -187.8

H2O(g)                                                   -241.8


I know sort of where to begin on this with standard enthalpy, however I am not quite sure where to go and so I would like some help. Thanks! I have been working to use the formula.


use this equation

Delta H (reaction) = Sum of enthalpies of formation of the products - sum of enthalpies of formation of the reactants.

The standard enthalpy of formation assignments help is defined as the change in enthalpy when one mole of a substance in the standard state (1 atm of pressure and 298.15 K) is formedfrom its pure elements under the same conditions.