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Re: Beta Particle

Submitted by Chatman on Wed, 01/06/2010 - 19:51

What exactly is a beta Particle?

A high speed electron emitted from a decaying nucleus when a neutron splits to make a proton and an electron (the beta particle). The addition of a proton to the nucleus increases the atomic number by one, while the mass number remains unchanged

10n ------> 11p + 0-1e

146C ------> 147N + 0-1e

is it only an electron because i read somewhere that it had a neutrino and a positron but i just posted this qeustion to make sure i was right in what i was thinking.

I have never come across positrons (positive beta particles ) in my studies (50 years). They were not known when I was at university and I never needed to mention them in any course I taught to high school students.

However, a search on the internet mentions that positive beta particles can emitted -so these will be positrons (or positive electrons)
Also it appears that neutrinos also exist

Sorry I can't help further.