Raw materials for cosmetics

Cosmetics are an important part of daily-used chemical products, they are usually divided into perfumes, cosmetics and toiletry hygiene kits three categories. According to use it can be classified to use of skin care, hair care class, medicinal cosmetics, beauty products, perfume and cosmetics for children, and so on. They have clean, beautify and protect the body and tooth conditioner, and improving environmental health and other functions. The main raw materials for cosmetics normally are generic matrix ingredients and natural additives. Cosmetics General matrix raw materials including oily raw materials, it is the most widely used raw materials in cosmetics; surfactant can reduced water of surface tension, it can also wetting, dispersed, and sent bubble, and emulsion; moisturizing agent is cream class cosmetics essential of raw materials; preservatives and antioxidant inhibit microbial growth in cosmetics shelf life and consumers using process; ; other raw materials including UV absorption agent used for dye brunette of dye intermediate, inhibition Khan agent, removing smelly agent anti-skin cracked of raw materials, anti-acne raw materials, etc. Common additives are hydrolyzed gelatin, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase (SOD), Royal Jelly, pearls, silk, mink oil, Aloe Vera, stone, organic germanium, pollen, alginic acid, Sea buckthorn, herbs, etc. Whitening ingredients in the cream, Sunscreen agents in sunscreen cream, the functional components in anti-aging products, etc are the largest advertising cost for cosmetics company, although the content of functional materials in products is very limited, about 2% in basic, but they are basically the core of the cosmetics. Weight of the various components are small, but the efficacy will be guaranteed. According to experts, cosmetic efficacy of ingredients added to 0.5% can make a difference. If adding too much, it will bring a burden to the skin, even at risk of allergy. Another developing trend of cosmetic raw materials is a versatile natural product. Consumers need to be able to wet skin and providing other useful function of natural products. With anti-UV properties of skin care products is the fastest-growing products in the personal care products industry, and the current trend is to develop broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens. If you have interest, please visit our okchem here, thanks!

Chemistry and material science are contributing towards better future. Each and every material is having its own unique nature which could be applied somehow somewhere. Starting from energy and fuel materials, it ranges through medicine, electrical and electronics, composite materials, nano-materials, nano-drugs, mechanical and automobile materials, aero-materials, materials in space science, etc. We are living in the era of a chaotic population. Someday, we will be expecting materials from other planets, those days are not so far. Let's learn to utilize the material beneficially as well as we need to have strategical plans for recycling materials and its other applications. That's how we can utilize them effectively.




A step towards safer cosmetic alternatives

Beauty products have become an inevitable part of our lives, the fact that they are completely not safe cannot be ignored. We often hear about the luxurious creams and lotions containing harmful chemicals, posing a serious threat to our health and overall well-being, most of them even being carcinogenic. Does that mean one should stop using cosmetics or let the toxic beauty take a toll on our safety? The answer is fortunately a NO. You can choose great working beauty and personal care products with minimal chemical exposure. Read More