lubrication with food grade paraffin oil.

I have food grade paraffin oil,viscosity 68 cSt(~20 SAE).
I think it is 100% paraffin mineral oil.
I have been told that it is special uses for the machine,in the bread bakery industries,which weight the dough.
I don't know what it is,exactly,lube at the machine(since i don't know how the machine works)but i would like to know if it is suitable to lubricate electric motor moving parts and things like that which used to be lubricate by mineral oil of the same viscosity.
Someone told me that it is not suitable for lubricate elecric motor oil,but i don't understand why?
I look at the msds of one brand of electric motor oil(DETERGENT FREE/SAE 20)and i saw that they both the same viscosity(20 SAE)and them both contain paraffin,though the brand one contains 96% paraffins(the rest is:<2%-naptha and <4%-proprietary)while the food grade one,i think,100% paraffin and them both detergent free.
So,it seems that i can use it at electric motors,can't i?
Or maybe it doesn't have any additives which make it not suitable for electric oil lubrication?(just assuming).
Does the food grade one,which uses,in the bakery at the weight machine,has just paraffin oil without any additives(such as anti aging,anti rust..)?
Thanks in advance.