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Lattice Energy

Submitted by chemquiz411 on Wed, 12/02/2009 - 20:24

Calculate the lattice energy of CaO. You may need the following data: electron affinity of oxygen  EA1= -141 kJ/mol, EA2= 744kJ/mol ; ionization energy of calcium IE1= 590 kJ/mol, .
IE2= 1145 kJ/mol

2Ca(S) -----> 2Ca(g)    2X?H sublimation

2Ca(g) ----2Ca +          2XIE1
2Ca+(g)-----> 2Ca2+      2XIE2

O2 (g ) -----> 2O (g)  ?H(bond dissociation)
2O --------> 2O-        2X EA1
2O- --------> 2O2-    2XEA2

2Ca2+    +O2--------> 2CaO(s)
Lattice energy =
2?Hsub +  2IE1 +2IE2 +?H(bond dissociation)+    2X EA1 +  2XEA2
I hope this will help you