Identify the conjugate acid or base to the given weak acid or base

In the problem below identify each substance as a weak acid,strong acid,weak base,strong base both weak acid and weak base or neither acid or base

a) NH3



d) Ba(OH)2

Answer :

a) NH3 : weak base

b) HCNO : weak acid

C) HClO :weak acid

d) Ba(OH)2 : strong base

explanation : There are six common stron acids HNO3,HClO4,H2SO4,HCL,HBr,HI  and strong base are all the group Ist hydroxides and the Three of group 2 hydroxides Ca(OH)2, Sr(OH)2 and Ba(OH)2.

Now identify conjugate base or conjugate acid for the weak acid or base

a) NH3 : conjugate acid is NH4+

b) HCNO : conjugate base is CNO-

C) HClO : conjugate base is ClO-

explanation :

a) NH3 is a base which means it has capacity to accept the hydogen ion so if it accepts a hydrgen ion it will become NH4+ ion which is an acid since it now can donate a hydrogen ion but it a conjugate acid to base NH3 since it is formed from NH3 after accepting a hydrogen ion.

b) HCNO is an acid so it will donate hydrogen ion and will form CNO- as CNO- can now accept a Hydrogen ion is a base but it is a conjugate base to HCNO since it is formed from HCNO by donating a hydrogen ion.