Hydrogen Peroxide effect on appliances

I recently had a load of laundry where there was a significant spread of dye from one article to the other articles of clothing in the washer at the same time.  In order to thoroughly clean the washer before adding other loads, I put in a cup of hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for about an hour before completing a full cycle with water and some laundry detergent.

I am now concerned that I may have caused some parts of the washer to rust prematurely by letting the hydrogen peroxide sit for so long.

I searched extensively for an answer to this issue and cannot find any information, therefore I would very much appreciate a clear response.

Thank-you in advance.




Thinking about this problem to myself I thought to myself that probably experience with doing laundry is more valuable than chemistry.  I imagine as you said you looked for information online.  So the issue is whether the hydrogen peroxide damages the washing machine.  Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent.  However I don't know much about washing machines!  Is the issue to rust iron in a washing machine?  Does a washing machine have iron exposed?  Any other ideas?

Thinking about it don't people sometimes add bleach to wash white clothes commonly?  Also you might try calling and asking either a store that sells appliances (washing machines) or services them.