How to prepare 50.0mL of 2.30 X 10^-2M solution of Lasix

Need help explaining: You need to prepare 50.0mL of 2.30 X 10^-2M solution of lasix. Describe how to prepare this solution from the pure drug and deonized water. Analytical balances and volumetric flasks are available to you. (Assume that your drug dissolves in water, at least for the extent necessary for this problem). Use complete sentences in your description of the solution preparation process. Show any required calculations you would need to make. Calculate how many milligrams of the drug are contained in 2.0mL of a 3.0% (wt/vol) solution of your drug.


1) Look up the molar mass of Lasix by Googling "Lasix".  Follow the link to Wikipedia.  It turns out this is the brand name for Furosemide.

  molar mass = 330.745 g/mol

2) Mass of Lasix = (0.0500 L) (2.30 x 10-2 mol/L) (330.745 g/mol) = 0.380 g

3) Weigh the correct mass above on an analytical balance.  If your balance has 0.1 mg precision, weigh out 0.3804 g Lasix.

4) Add this to a 50 mL volumetric flask.

5) Add deionized water up to the fill mark.

6) Cap it, and invert multiple times.  The solution is ready.


Part 2

(2.0 mL) (0.03 g/mL) = 60. mg


A s you know that molarity = moles / volume in L 

moles = Molarity * Vol in L 

get the moles here and convert these moles in gram by suing 

moles = mass / molar mass 

mass required to dissolve in 50 mL = moles * molar mass ...

so simple.....