How to find concentration of ion in the ionic compound


a) OH- ions in 0.02 moldm-3 KOH
b) Ag+ ions in 0.5 moldm-3 AgNO3
c) Cl- ions in 1.5 moldm-3 CaCl2
d) SO42- ions in 0.03 moldm-3 (NH4)2SO4
I wasnt sure how to work this out! :'(

so, you have given concentration in mol/dm^3 which is also mol/L as 1dm^3 = 1 L

a)one KOH produced one OH- ion , so concentration of OH- ion is also 0.02 mol/dm^3

c) one CaCl2 produces 2 Cl- ion so , its concentration is 1.5 x 2