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how to balnce redox reaction of Fe3+ +NH3OH+---->Fe2+ +N2O In acidic sollution

Submitted by hazira on Thu, 03/28/2013 - 10:44

how to balance redox reaction of Fe3+ +NH3OH+------>Fe2++N2O  in acidic solution

Fe^3+ ------------> Fe^2+  

because Fe  reduced from  an oxidation number of +3 to +2 ; an electron must be adde to the left

Fe^3+  + e-  ------------> Fe^2+  


NH3OH + --------> N2O 

NH3OH^+ ---------------->  N2O

balance the nitrogens:
2NH3OH^+ = N2O

You have two oxygens on the left, one on the right; add a water on the right:

2NH3OH^+ ----------------> N2O + H2O

Now you have 8 hydrogens on the left, and two on the right; add 6 H+ to the right:

2NH3OH^+ ----------> N2O + H2O + 6H^+

Now you have 2 positive charges on the left, and 6 on the right; add four electrons to the right to complete the half reaction:
2NH3OH^+ = N2O + H2O + 6H^+ + 4e^-

multiply the entire equation by 4;

4Fe^3+  +   4 e-  ------------> 4Fe^2+

add both reduction -oxidation reaction to get;

4Fe^3+ + 2NH3OH^+ ---> 4Fe^2+ + N2O + H2O + 6H+