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Help me construct a the Olamite periodic table please

Submitted by Thunthorian on Fri, 04/26/2013 - 21:17


I need help in creating the Olamite periodic table. I am having troubles doing this. The webpage where you can see the 54 elements are in this link:

It also gives you the information that you would need to find them. DISREGAURD ALL INFORMATION AFTER "Olamite Electromotive Series" and "special characteristics of some elements". 

However, please note that common reactions are:

Akumena, Corana, and Hammena all form XFlcompounds that dissolve in Aq2Ac. Mishpakton, Doron, and Toldotan all react with Ac to form X2Ac.

No need to answer any of the questions under the procedure.


Thank you so much!



Start by arranging the elements according to atomic mass  in a straight line row.  Then look for similarities in properties.  When you find the first element that seems to be similar to a preceding element, create a new row, bring it down and put it under the element in the first row.