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Finding molecular and empirical formula for an organic compound with info on its structure

Submitted by mrivera118 on Thu, 07/21/2011 - 13:46

I'm not sure how to derive the molecular formula or empirical formula for the following:


carbon 1 and 6 is Cl

carbon 2 and 8 is double bond O

carbon 4 and 9 is OH

carbon 5 is CH3


When compounds contain more than one functional group, the order of precedence determines which groups are named with prefix or suffix forms. The highest precedence group takes the suffix, with all others taking the prefix form.So, as per the group order priority for IUPAC nomenclature i think this should be its name..but i am not completely sure

5-methyl,4,9-dichloro-2,8-dioxononane-1,4 diol


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