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desperate! please help boiling point of ethanol and water mixture

Submitted by chemnewbie on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 05:31

We performed an experiment to get the boiling point of a mixture of 5ml water and 2ml ethanol that was previously simple distillated. Accroding to some websites, the boiling point of the mixture must be around 78.3C. How come we got 90-100C? What could we have done wrong? Please help

My guess would be that you heated it to rapidly.   The azeotrope would begin to boil at 78C but it you were heating it too quickly the temperature would go above that and the water would begin to boil.

Sometimes it vary depending on the the apparatus used. Try doing it thrice and compare the results to come up with more accurate results.  buy soundcloud plays

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