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define standard heat of formation (^H°f)of (MgCO3)

Submitted by johnconner on Thu, 03/11/2010 - 23:12

define standard heat of formation (^H°f)of (MgCO3)

The energy change that occurs when 1 mole of a substance is made from its elements in their standard states (the most stable form of the element at 1 bar of pressure and the specified temperature, usually 298.15 K or 25 degrees Celsius)

eg for CuSO4 it would be
Cu(s) + S(s) + 2O2(g) -----> CuSO4(s)

So its Mg(s) + C (s) + O2(s) --> MgCO3 ?

The equation needs to be balanced. Oxygen is a gas

Mg(s) + C (s) + 3/2 O2(g) --> MgCO3(s)