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Convert into the three units of concentration

Submitted by rocktown1990 on Thu, 01/19/2012 - 23:28


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Given the following concentration, convert it into the other three units of concentration. 
a. 1.5 %(w/w) KMnO4 in 18-Crown-6 ether (C12H24O6, ρSol = 1.237 g/mL)

1.5% means 1.5g KMnO4 per 100g ether or 80.84mL of ether (if the value given is the density of ether.)

If it is the density of the solution, then 1.5% means 1.5g KMnO4 per 100g solution or 80.84mL of solution. So mass of ether would be 98.5g. Molarity would be (1.5/molar mass of KMnO4)/0.08084

Molality would be moles of KMnO4/mass of solvent in kg