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Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs

Submitted by caandyy07 on Tue, 11/30/2010 - 13:59

Give the fromula  of the conjugate base of HF; of H2PO4-
Give the formula of the conjugate acid of NO2-; OF H2P04-

HELP! very confused! and can u explain well waht is conjugate?

Conjugate means 'relating to an acid and a base that are related by the difference of a proton'.

have a look at Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs in the following
Acid is a proton donor. When it loses a proton, the negative ion formed is the conjugate base (of the acid)

HF        --->    H+        +  F-  (this one is done for you in the above link)
acid                            conj base (have 1 x H+ less than the acid so is a conj. base)

NH3 +  H+ --->    NH4+
base                conjugate acid (has 1 more H+ than the base so is a conj. acid)

NH4+    +    OH-      ---->  NH4OH
conj acid                            base