1. Chemistry is fun. 
2. Learning chemistry should be an open and solutions to problems should be shared.
Chemistry doesn't have to be difficult. Too many times I think teachers take pride in how hard chemistry. We live in a new world where knowledge is shared and solutions are readily available to the most difficult of problems. 
3. We need more chemists and scientists.
If  chemistry is fun and open, we can convince more students to study it. Students get turned off to chemistry at a young age, and it doesn't have to be this way. Show them it is not as difficult, that we want to share the knowledge and help them learn how to tackle problems. They will stick with it.
4. Most people study chemistry at some point in their life and then are not exposed to it again.
Social media allow us to reach more people than ever before. We should be showing off what it is we love about chemistry and why it is important.
Yeah Chemistry first started as MyChemistryTutor.com. The mission was to help students with chemistry outside of scheduled office hours. One day a student that was not in my class asked a question. The more students seem to find their way there. Then other people started answering questions. 
MyChemsistryTutor.com was started in 2005 by two chemisry graduate students who enjoyed helping their students outside of office hours. Before it was a website, the idea was to become MyChemistryTutor.com, was taking form as packed lecture halls reviwing the night before tests.
We have all witnessed the teacher who takes pride in knowing more than you like the secrets to chemistry only belong to them and they would reveal them whe it was time. We wanted chemistry to be more open and collaborative. We wanted to show the students that teachers do care, and we do want them to know how to solve the problem. 
Over the years and with the help of the open source movement, we were able to help launch a website we thought could break this archaic way of teaching. No more hoping you could catch that one hour the professor allowed for questions. No more being lost in classroom or the lecture hall.
So we built a forum, a place to ask questions, and we waited. We wrote a tutorial and we waited. One day, some lone student someone out there signed up and asked a question. We answered. Later someone else from some other country answered. And our site grew.
Now, here we are, offering chemistry help to the whole world for free. Thanks for using us. If we didn't answer you question, we are sincerely sorry. We are a group of vounteers with our own jobs and own livesbut we want to provide this service to you.
Now I want to expand this platform to tell great stories about chemistry, expose more people to advances in chemistry, help students reach the best teachers, and lower the barrier for being successful in chemistry.