Solution calculations


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Solution calculations

The concentration of a solution is measured in mol/Litre (mol/L). In some courses this may be represented as mol L-1

Other units of volume can be used, for example cubic decimeters, dm3.

1 Litre = 1 dm3 = 1000 cm3 = 1000 mL

The concentration, number of moles of substance and volume (in litres) are linked by the equation

Number of moles = Volume in Litres x Concentration in moles per Litre

This is often abbreviated to


n = V x C

The equation can be rearranged.

For example, what volume of 0.02M sodium hydroxide solution will contain 0.5 moles of sodium hydroxide?


V = n/C = 0.5/0.02 = 25 Litres

What is the concentration of a sulfuric acid solution if 200 mL contains 0.15 moles of sulfuric acid?

C = n/V = 0.15/0.200 = 0.75M (0.75 moles per Litre or 0.75 mol L-1.