Plank Quantum Theory :


Plank Quantum Theory :

            In 1900 a German physicist Max Plank presented his theory about light, called plank                              quantum theory.  This theory has the following postulates: - 

(1)          Light is not emitted or absorbed continuously.

                        Light is emitted or absorbed in the form of packets of energies, which are called                           photon or quantas.

            2;         Each packet is associated with definite amount of energy , which is directly                                  proportional to fhe frequency of radiation.

                                     E = hn          nis the frequency and  h is plank constant

            3;         This is called plank equation and h is plank constant the value of which is 6.626x                                  10-34 Jsec

            4;         The energy  emitted or absorbed by a body is always whole number multiple of                            quantum . i.e. En = n hn