Metric & SI units


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Metric conversion is a systematic approach to problem solving that uses conversion factors to move or convert from unit ot another.

We use metric system which is a common method of measuring system , in 1960 scientists adopted a modification of metric system called International system of Units (SI), to provide uniformity for units used in sciences.

Measurement                Metric                SI
Length                      Meter (m)          Meter (m)
Volume                     Liter (L)             cubic meter (m^3)
Mass                         Gram (g)           Kilogram (kg)
Time                          Second (s)         Second (s)
Temperature               celsius degree    Kelvin

The special feature of the metric system of units is that a prefix can be attached to any unit to increase or decrease its size by some factor of 10.

 For example; the prefixes milli & micro are used to make smaller units.A table is attached here lists some of the metric prefixes, their symbols and their values.

Point to note: The relationship of a prefix to a unit can be expressed by replacing the prefix with its numerical value.

For example: when the prefix kilo in kilometer is replaced with its value of 1000,we find a kilometer is equal to 1000 meters.