Conversion factor & equalities

The main part of the metric conversion is write conversion factor which are written with the help of equalities.

Equalities: The comparisons which show the relationship between two units that measure the same quantity.For exampl, in the equality 1m = 100 cm,each quantity describes the same lengthbut in different unit.

meter to cm

1 cm = 10^-2 m
perfix centi value of prefix centi

In the above example you can see a length equality.To write the equality between centimeter and meter , we used the value of prefix centi which is 10^-2 , so then we got the equality between cm and meter(m) that 1 cm = 10^2 x m or this can also be written as 1 m = 100 cm

Writing conversion factors; Conversion factors are the ratio of equivalents values can be generated from equivalence statement.

From the above example of equality the conversion factor can be either
1cm/10^-2m or 10^-2m/1cm

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