˜     Plasma is a state of matter containing positive ions, neutral particles & negatively charged electrons.

˜     It was identified by Irving langmuire .in 1928.

˜     Some 99% of the known universe is made of plasma.

˜     Plasma occurs in nature as well as can be prepared artificially.

Þ                 Natural plasma exists only at very high temperature i.e. around 20,000 OC.

It occur as flames ,auroras and fluorescent light and neon sign.

Þ                 Artificial plasma can be created by using electrical charge on a gas like neon sign.


˜     Plasma is the good conductor of electricity.

˜     It has a unique fascinating and complex state of matter.

˜     The number of electrons & cations are equal in number in plasma. 

˜     Therefore overall we can say it is neutral.

˜     The word plasma was given by Irving Iangmuir.

˜     Examples are (1) Neon Sign  (2) Flame of fire  (3) Stars


˜     Fluorescent of light bulb is glowing plasma.

˜     In Neon Sign, there is plasma inside the tube. The colour depends on the nature of the gas.

˜     Plasma can be used for generation of electrical energy.

˜     They derive laser and particles accelerator and help to clean up the environment.

˜     It helps in working of computers and electronic equipments.