Bond order


Defination : The bond order  is the number of bonding pairs of electrons in a bond.

 For example : in C:C the bond order is = 1  ( sigle bond , so one pair one electron)

                          in C::C the bond order is =2 ( double bond , so two pair of electrons)

More explanation : So, when you have to determine the bond order between two covalently bonded atoms, you need to follow these two simple steps:

1) Draw the lewis structure.

For example : CNthat is cyanide


2) Figure out the type of bond between the two atoms

Since there are 3 dashes , that means there is a triple bond between C and N of cyanide.A triple bond means that there is a bond order of three.

Example:Determine the bond order for H2


Step 1 :  Draw the lewis structure 

H: H - H

Step 2 : Find the type of bond between the two atoms

as there is a single bond between the H atoms ie only 1 dash, this means bond order is 1.