Absolute zero


Absolute Zero of Temperature: -(Important points)

1; the temperature at which the volume of the gas should equal to zero.

2; At this temperature all type of motion become ceased and as a result kinetic energy become zero or average kinetic energy become zero and therefore temperature also become zero.

3; This temperature is equal to -273.15 in Celsius scale (C0)

4: this is the lowest possible temperature which can be achieved but still it is not achieved.

5: this temperature (-273.15C0)  is the zero of the Kelvin scale OR OK = –273.15 OC

6: the volume of a gas at any temperature can determine by the following formula

                                    VT = VO(1+T/273)

7: The temperature taken on this scale is called Kelvin Scale or Absolute Scale symbolized by K & A.  No sign of degree (O) is written with it.