Chemical Equilibrium

Ammonia reaction reaching equilibrium

Ammonia decomposes at high temperatures. In an experiment to explore this behavior, 3.00 moles of gaseous NH3 were sealed in a rigid 1.50 L vessel. The vessel is heated at 800K and some of the NH3 decomposes in the following reaction: NH3 (g) ---> N2 (g) + 3H2 (g)

The system eventually reaches equilibrium and is to contain 2.18 moles of NH3. What are the values of Kc and Kp for this reaction at 700K.

Chemical Equilibrium dealing with concentrations

A solution was prepared such that the initial concentrations of Cu+2 and CN- were 0.0120 M and 0.0400 M, respectively.  these ions react according to the following equation - Cu2+ + 4CN- > Cd(CN)4 ^2-.  Kc = 1.0 x 10^25.  What will be the concentration of CN- at equilibrium?



I made an ICE table and plugged everything into Kc,

so 1.0 x 10^25 = x   /   (0.0120 - x)((.04-4x)^4), is that right so far?

Calculating Ksp for PbI2 using Delta G, S, and H

How do you go about calculating the Ksp for PbI2 using the data given?

Calculating Molar concentration of calcium ion. Needed by 9pm. Please help!

The Ksp value for calcium fluoride CaF2 is 4.0 x 10^-11 

Calculate the Molar concentration of calcium ion Ca(2+) in a saturated aqueous solution of CaF2

Distillation to determine difference in boiling points

Mixtures of propan-2-ol and propanone can be spearated by distllation due to their different boiling points. Explain why these compounds have such different boiling points even though they have very similar molar masses.





Boiling point(°C)



Molar mass(g/mol)




calculating mole fractions in Raoult's law problems

when we deal with the raoult's law equation for an ideal solution of 2 ideal liquids which are volatile, do we have to use the number of moles at equilibrium to calculate the mole fraction of solvent in the solution? or can we use the initial number of moles ?

effect of concentration on preciptate

Does production of  a precipitate decrease concentration?

Production of ammonia by Haber process

I only need help with the last three dot points.

Acid Base Equilibirum - Finding concentrations BEFORE equilibrium

What are the equilibrium concentrations of [H3O+], [CN-] and [HCN] if the concentration of HCN before equilibrium is 1.0 M?  Also, what is the pH of the solution? (Ka = 6.3x10-10)  Write out the entire ICE table for full credit.
I have no idea how to approach the problem when you need to find the values BEFORE equilibrium! I'm only familiar with how to find the values at equilibrium. Please help!!!

A gas has a volume of 2.0 L....

A gas has a volume of 2.0 L, and a pressure of 2.0 atm. If the pressure is increased to 4.0 atm, what is the new volume of the gas? 

I really just don't know how to even set this problem up. Thats my problem. Dont know where to start. Help me please...


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