Chemical Bonding

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How disulphide bonds affect the properties of glutenin

How do the presence of disulphide bonds affect the properties of Glutenin? As the wheat protein responsible for the elastic and cohesive nature of dough, what molecular basis is there for these properties?

copper gluconate vs copper chloride

Copper chloride can be used as a source of copper for this experiment, but copper gluconate is preferred because it is a “green” compound. Discuss the environmental advantages of using copper gluconate instead of copper chloride 

can someone help me balance this equation?

FeCl2 + KMnO3 + HCl -> FeCl3 + MnCl2 + H2O + K4


im struggling on this project and need some assistance with the first question


Look at the pattern of the concentrations and write the 
rule governing the pattern below the table. 
Solution  Hydronium Concentration  Hydroxide Concentration 
1 M HCl          10^0M                                     10^-14
Vinegar         10^-3M                                      10^-11 M 
1 M NaOH      10^-14 M                                   10 ^0 M
Baking Soda   10^-9M                                    10^-5

iron has valencies 2 and 3 and oxygen has valency 2,then how come molecular formula of terriferictetra oxide Fe3o4 exists

iron has valencies 2 and 3 and oxygen has valency 2,then how come molecular formula of terriferictetra oxide Fe3o4 exists

Chemical bonding help with homework

Use the second member of each group from Group IA to Group 7A to show that the number of valence electrons on an atom of the element is the same as its group number.

Balancing equations help please!!!!

Hi i am having a problem finding what is the coefficent of H2 when this equation is balanced?

the answer is 3

but i dont get it how it can be 3

please help!!



Al + H2SO4 = Al2(SO2)3 + ? H2

how will you convert butane to octane ?

How will you convert butane to octane ?


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