Stoichiometry, molarity, acid base and mind numbness

I'm having a heck of a time figuring out this problem and if anyone could help that'd be great. #18. I calculated ph to be 9.8 but don't know if it's right. And don't know where to go for the neutral part of it.

How many milliliters of HNO3 are used?

If 1.0g of aniline (C6H5-NH2) is dissolved in 0.150L  and then is titrated with a .1M sikytuib if GBI3. How many milliliters of HNO3 were used?

Stoichiometry, molarity, acid base and mind numbness

I've done a few calculations for the molarity of the naOH but I don't even know if that's where I should start. Besides I got a super small #. It's # 18

Prediction of Products for Acid Base Reaction

I need help.  My question is "Predict the products of the following acid-base reaction and predict whether the equilibrium lies to the left or to the right of the equation"


The reactants are as follows

O(raised to the negative 2) (aq) + liquid water

fifa sri lanka top four at women's world cup qualifier 2011

fifa sri lanka top four at women's world cup qualifier 2011

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The audit questions why the consortium had to discard 12 per cent of its steel in Brasilia when Andrade Gutierrez, using the sam

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Csar's arrival in 1943, together with Basora (legendary winger), Ramallets (five times winner of Zamora Trophy for being the bes

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was celebrating the centenary of its first constitution in 1930, which was yet another reason why it was chosen to host the first FIFA World Cup. The tournament was held between July 13 and July 30 that year. A total of thirteen soccer playing nations from South America (7), Europe (4), and North America (2) cheap fifa 14 coins ps3 participated in this edition. The tournament started with two matches being played simultaneously; the first between (4) and Mexico (1) and second between USA (3) and Belgium (0). The goal scored by Lucien Laurent for became the first goal in the history of the tournament.

Even testing different rig materials to match the lake bed and identifying which approach would work better from small hooks and long links and hairs, to many options including very short links with exacting measurements and 'hinge' placements. Even hook baits and their colours, sizes shapes, hardness, buoyancies and densities and textures and leaching rates were examined. I came up with the use of at least 3 'alternative approaches' which proved extremely effective.



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