Write the combustion reaction then find the amount of product fored from reactant

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13kg gazoline. When it burns 52.5 g of oxyen consumed.  What's total amount of CO2 and H2O produced

1kg of CO and 200g of Oxygen are burned. What mass of CO2 is made.

2CO + O2 ----> 2CO2 so 2moles of CO are needed per mole of O2. 1 mole CO weighs 12+16=28g and 1 mole O2 weighs 16x2 = 32g. So we know that 56g CO requres 32g of oxygen. Which is limiting here?

1kg CO = 1000g, so if 56g CO requires 32g O2 then 1000g CO would requires 571.4g O2 and we only have 200g. So O2 is limiting and CO is excess. O2 controls the quantity of CO2

1 mole O2 ----> 2 mole CO2, 32g O2 makes 88g CO2, so 200g O2 makes 550g CO2

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