What is the specific heat for aluminium based on calorimetry data

A 73.6 g sample of Al is heated to 95.0 C and dropped into 100.0 g of water at 20.0 C The resulting temp. is 30.0 C. What is the specific heat?
I know that sp.ht. = heat(cal) / mass x delta T
So I have the mass at 73.6 and the temp. change of the water is 10.0 C but I can't figure out what the heat calorie is to figure the sp.ht.

what you have to realize here is the heat lost by the Al is equal but opposite to the heat gained by the water

using q = m C delta T  for water  (the C for water is known , 4.184 J / C ) solve for the heat (q)

take this number (q) and use the equation again but for Al

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