Wavelength of a Photon for an n=5 to n=1 electron transition

Calculate the wavelength of a photon emitted by a hydrogen atom when the electron undergoes a transition from level n=5 to level n=1.

Can someone please show me how to start this.
I'll reply back with my work , and you can check if it's right.

I;m not an expert on this (or many other areas) but you will need to use the Rydberg equation which you can find on the internt. It is
(1/wavelength) = RH((1/n1^2))-(1/n5^2)
Better to look this up to make sure the division and powers are as meant.

where RH is the Rydberg constant for hydrogen, n1 is the 1st energy level, n5 is the fifth energy level).

Once you have the wavelength you can calculate the energy of the photon (
E = hc/wavelength where h = Planck's constant.

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