Use Arrhenius equation k = A e Ea/RT to calculate rate of reaction and rate constant


2)            Given that:

 rate = k[N2O5]2

 A = 6 x 1023 L.mol-1.s-1

 Ea = 250 kJ.mol-1

 R = 8.314 J.mol-1.K-1


Use the Arrhenius equation to calculate the rate constant (k) and hence a value for the rate of reaction when [N2O5 ] = 0.32 mol.L-1 at a temperature of 320 oC.

k = A e Ea/RT

Ea and R should have the same energy units so that they cancel so convert Ea from Kj to J.

Ea = 250 x 103 J.mol-1 or (250 E3)

Also temperature must be in Kelvin so 320C = 393 K.

Now plug in

k = 6 x 1023 mol/L sec x e (250 E3 / (8.314 J/mol K) x 593 K))

Once you have found the value for k you can plug into the rate law

Rate = k[N2O5]2  and find the Rate.

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