Unit conversion: convert liter to dm^3

How do I convert liters to dm cubed?

1 Liter = 1000 cm^3  and 1 cm = 10^-2 m  and 1 dm = 10^-1 m

now convert equalities to conversion factors

1 L/1000 cm^3  or 1000 cm^3/1 L  and  1 cm/10^-2m or 10^-2/ 1cm  and  10^-1m/ 1dm  or 1dm/10^-1m

solution: given = 1 liter , find: dm^3 ,, now you will start with the given unit and will choose the conversion factor that has given unit at the bottom and find at the top so that you can cancel the given units and at the end you will be left with only find unit, also cubed your conversion factors as you are looking for dm^3 

(1 cm/10^-2m)^3 or (10^-2m/ 1cm )^3 and  (10^-1m/ 1dm)^3  or (1dm/10^-1m)^3

1 liters x 1000 cm^3/1 L x (10^-2m/ 1cm )^3 x (1dm/10^-1m)^3 =  1 dm^3

so , 1Liter = 1 dm^3

for more details check out our tutorials conversion factor, metric conversion etc.

It so happens that a cube of 1 dm (10cm, 0.1m) edge length has a volume of 1.0 liters. The two units are the same for all practical purposes.

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