Understanding bond strength and length


Which of the following has the strongest bond:





Based on the lecture given by my teacher I know that the more electrons involved in a compound the shorter and stronger bond they have, thus is seen drawing the Lewis Structure. But, Since all of these only make a single bond I have no idea how to tell which one has the strongest bond.

Yes they are all single bonds. However as you move across the table, from L to R the number of protons increases eg C, N, O and F. This causes the atoms to get smaller from L to R. The greater attraction for electrons from L to R is shown by increased electronegativity values. F is the most electronegative element in the periodic table. So the values increase from C ---> F. As electronegativity is a measure of the attraction an atom has for a pair of shared electrons it means that the strongest attraction is between H and F and the weakest between C and H.

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