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Hello, I am currently doing a chemistry project that is due in a few days. One of the aspects of the project is something that I am having trouble with. For the second part of the project we have to create soap from these materials given :

Salt Water, Sodium Metal, Fish, Physics/Chem book, flint rock, wild boars, vines, coconuts, calculator, palm fronds, bamboo trees, gourds, internet service, paper,pencial and hatchet or knife. 

I did google how to make soap and it seems pretty simple (Animal fat and lye water!) but I am having trouble making the lye water. I did find some solutions but they were overly complex and were vauge. 


If anyone knows how to make lye water from ashes and soft water, that would be great thanks! 


Do you know what is in lye water chemically? Knowing that might help you search for ideas.
For the animal fat seems only the fish or the wild boars. I would rather square off against a fish and try to see if I can extract the fat. But fish are leaner land animals right? They have fish oil instead of solid fat. I have never heard of making soap from oil and lye but then again I never read much about soap making. So not sure of a great way to take down a boar.