Re: Units for deltaS of Reaction


Determine the value of the entropy change, deltaS rxn for the combustion of CO (g) at 298 K...

According to Collegeboard (the question came from an old FRQ), the answer's units are J/mol K, which is what I wrote. However, my chem teacher says the units are incorrect (and took a point off my test -.-), and I've noticed that entropy's usually written in J/K.

What's the difference between deltaS rxn and normal S, and the difference between J/K and J/mol K? (And who's correct -- Collegeboard or my teacher?)

Thanks :).

As far as I am aware, entropy is measured in J/K and this would apply to a reaction.

[delta]S = S products - Sreactants.

So S for the reaction should be in J/K

There is a term called molar entropy which is measured in J/mol K

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How's it going, are the units of molar entropy(J/mol K)  actually J*K/mol  or  J/(mol*K) ?

molar entropy units are  J/(mol*K)