Predict acidic,basic, or neutral solution. for hydrolysis write net ionic equation

Predict whether these salts will dissolve in water to form an acidic, basic, or neutral solution. Where hydrolysis is predicted write a net ionic equation to support your prediction.

a) KNO2


b) K3PO4


c) Sr(NO3)2


d) CrCl3


e) K2S


f) CuCl2

I got these problems wrong, I don't know how you are supposed to do them.

Salts formed from strong acids and strong bases (such as Sr(NO3)2) are neutral as the ions don't undergo hydrolysis.

KNO2   basic salt   (NO2-   +   H2O   <==>    HNO2   +   OH-)

K3PO4 basic salt   ( PO43-    +  H2O   <====>  HPO42-  +  OH-    and HPO42-  & H2PO4-  also undergohydrolysis


CrCl3 acidic salt   ( Cr+3    + 3 H2O    <===>    Cr(OH)3     +      3 H+ )


K2S   basic salt   (  S2-    +    H2O    <=====>    HS-    +    OH-)

CuCl2   acidic salt   (Cu2+   +   2H2O    <===>    Cu(OH)2    +    2 H+)

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