pH/pOH for strong acids and bases

Hi!  I can't seem to figure out the pH and pOH of the following 2 solutions containing a strong acid or a strong base...

a) 0.100 M HBr

b) 1.45 M NaOH

Any help would be appreciated!


HBr is a strong acid.  That means it dissociates (breaks apart) in water 100%. So as soon as you put HBr in water it becomes H+  and Br-

The H+ is usually associated with a water molecule and known as H3O+ but you can use either.

1 mole of HBr breaks apart in to 1 mole of H+ and 1 mole of Br-

the same holds true for the molarity..

then you use pH = - log of [H+]

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