orbital diagram of Iron, particularly the d orbitals


I have to write the orbital diagram of the last sublevel in iron. Uh, i know that there are 5 types of d level orbital, but I don't know how I choose one of them. And could you please explain what teh

dyz, dxz, dxy, dx2-y2, and dz2 means?

Thank you

dyz, dxz, dxy, dx2-y2, and dz2 are mathematical derived names for the 5 d orbital orientations with respect to the x, y, and z axis. I've heard them called the 4 double dumbbells plus Homer (a giant dumbbell with a doughnut).

The last level would look something like this

4s 3d
??  ?? ? ? ? ?

Remember Hund's Rule, no doubling until each each orbital of a sub-level has one electron.

Hope this helps.


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