Iron and Sulphur Mixture appearance before and after heating

Hello all,

I am revising experiments and I can't understand what is happening in this one. The experiment is briefly like this.

Collect a spatula of iron fillings and were placed on a piece of paper. Then a spatula of Sulphur powder was collected and mixed with the Iron fillings (i.e. we have a mixture).

I would like to know what does the mixture look like?

Then the same mixture is placed in a test-tube and heat it strongly in a fume-cupboard.

What does it happen in the test-tube?

I never carried this experiment at class so I have no idea what happens.
All I know that:

Fe  +  S -> FeS (iron sulphide) as a product.

Can anyone help me please,

Thank you

When the two elements are mixed together their individual properties (color, magnetic properties) are clearly evident for both substances.  In fact, the iron can be separated from the sulfur using a magnet.  (Mixtures can be separated by physical means)

After heating the iron sulfide forms and the properties of the individual elements are NOT present.  The substance is a uniform gray color and the iron and sulfur can NOT be separated using the magnet.  (Compounds can NOT be separated by physical means)

Thanks a lot  ;)

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