Ionic equations and reactions


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I don't really understand what these questions are asking me to do. Can someone please clarify them for me?



1.     Write the general reaction for

(a)  Ammonium carbonate is added to sulphuric acid.

(b)  Solutions of sodium sulphide and zinc chloride are mixed.

(c)  Solutions of sodium hydroxide and lead (II) nitrate are mixed.

(d)  Ethane gas (C2H6) is burnt in excess air.


2.     Write the ionic equation for

(a)  Silver nitrate solution is added to sodium chloride solution.

(b)Hydrochloric acid solution is added to zinc hydroxide solution.

(c)  Lead (IV) carbonate solution is added to nitric acid (HNO3) solution.

(d)Lead (II) chloride solution is added to a sodium iodide solution


Are you familiar with your solubility rules?  Start with that.  Write each example in formula form and think about the solubility rules.  Will there be a reaction or not?  If so, what kind of reaction?  Does a solid form?