How to find number of atoms in given moles of compound

Find the number of atoms in the 5.02 mole of CH4.

I am not sure exactlu what you are asking, but I'll give it a try

Methane (CH4) has a molecular mass of 16.04 (12.011 + 4X1.008)

One mole of methane has a mass of 16.04 grams, so 5.02 moles would have a mass of 80.5 grams.

In one mole of any compound made of molecules, there are 6.022X10^23 molecules. (That's Avogadro's number).

In 5.02 moles of methane there are 3.06X10^24 molecules of methane. (5.02 X 6.022X10^23 = 3.02X10^24)

Each molecule of methane has a total of 5 atoms: 1 atom of C and 4 atoms of H.

The total number of atoms could be calculated as

(5.02moles)(6.022X10^23molecules/mol)(5atoms/molecule) = 1.513X10^25 atoms.

There are

3.02X10^24 atoms of C and

1.209x10^25 atoms of H   (5.02 X 6.022X10^23 X 5 = 1.209X10^25

thankyou so much this is exactly what i was looking for =)

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