How to calcualate moles of ions in hard water?


average titre:9.69mL
calculation of ca2+ moles in the 10mL hard water sample and ppm

not sure how to but here is my attempt
(0.00969L)(0.01000M)(.0010L)  does that look right
or do i leave the 10mL out?

my average EDTA titration:13.65mL
calculate total moles of Mg2+ + Ca2+ in the 10mL hard water sample

since its the EDTA to Ca2+ is a 1:1
do i take the moles from the calcium and multiple it by the volume of EDTA x 10mL?

CALCULATION OF Mg2+ moles in the 10mL hard water sample
EDTA-Ca2+=Mg2+ so if i find the top two subtract it from each other and get magnessium?

I am not really following your data. Could you please give me some more data and some sample calculation you have done?

ppm is usually mg/L but when you have moles and no mg how do you substitue them?

you have to convert the moles to grams by using the atomic or formula weight of whatever species you are looking for..... the # of moles times the formula weight will give you the number of grams

the number of grams times 1000 will give you the milligrams