Fusion vs Fission

Why is nuclear fusion preferred over nuclear
fission for power generation?
I) Fuels for fusion are more abundant.
II) It is easier to start and maintain the
fusion process.
III) Fusion produces fewer harmful radioac-
tive by-products.
1. II only
2. III only
3. I and III only
4. II and III only
5. I only

I know at least the third one is right. correct?

fusion makes use of hydrogen isotopes, can be obtained from ordinary water, so of course fuels for fusion are more sustainable and abundant therefore. i agree with (i)

A lot of research is still going on to maintain fusion reactions at normal conditions and with good output relative to whatever energy input required to initiate the process.so (ii) is not really an advantage in my opinion.

and yes, fusion tends to produce less radioactive waste than fission, so that is a must-add advantage. I agree with (iii)

so i would say 3.

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