Find Delta H for the Combustion of Ethanol?


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Find ΔH for the combustion of ethanol (C2H6O) to carbon dioxide and liquid water from the following data. The heat capacity of the bomb calorimeter is 34.65 kJ/K and the combustion of 1.766 g of ethanol raises the temperature of the calorimeter from 294.95 K to 296.46 K.


Any help would be very appreciated, thanks :)

Find DeltaT by subtracting the two temperature. Then find the amount of heat added to the calorimeter knowing that each K rise in temperature requires 34.65 kJ. So you want 34.65 x Delta T.

Then you know that 1.776g ethanol releases this amount of heat. Find the heat released by 1 mole of ethanol (approx 46g)

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