Consider the titration of 49.5mL of 1.2M NaOH with 1.0M HCl . Find the pH at the following points. a.) What is the pH after th

Consider the titration of 49.5 mL of 1.2M NaOH with 1.M HCl . Find the pH at the following point.

a.) What is the pH after the addition of a large excess of the acid solution (in comparison with the acid volume needed to reach the equivalence point).

Not exactly sure. You will need (49.5 x 1.2)/1 mL of HCl. So I think you can assume that double this volume will be a large excess. Total volume of the mixture will be this double volume + 49.5 mL.

Find moles NaOH from volume NaOH in L x molarity. This will also be the same number of moles of HCl needed to neutralise it. From the total volume of HCl added, find total moles HCl added. Subtract moles HCl needed from total moles HCl added to find the excess number of moles of HCl added. Concentration of excess HCl will excess moles HCl/ total volume in L. pH will be - log of this concentration.

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