Chemical reactions, balancing equations and purifying salt water

I have a project about a challenege using 12 items given by my teacher. I need to convert salt water into fresh water. Also, we need to make fire and food using the items. the only thing is that we need to name and balance the equations, but i do not know the compounds of each thing. I making fire out of flint rocks in order to produce distillation to change salt water into fresh. Also, i need food, but i don't know what equations to use with fish and wild boars. Do i use animal fats or oils.

what are your twelve items? are you and your classmates allowed to work together?

It is individually, the items are: sodium metal, salt water, flint rocks, vines, coconuts, lapm fronds, bamboo trees, gourds and fish. I would need to make a chanel in order to perform distillation to trap the steam to make fresh water. But i would have to place in a place were water can't escape. Also, the fire has to have little or non smoke. If I use palm fronds the hydrocarbons produce carbon dioxide and water which means i would hava steam instead of smoke. Also I need to make soap, I was planning to use cocnut oil, animal fats water and maybe sodium metal but wasn't quite sure.

this is rather interesting,

well you have to have something to boil the water in so you can use the gords for that.....catch the water in a cocunot maybe, and you can always use bamboo as a conduit (pipe) to collect things

you obviously can make fire with the flint if you have something to light but you can also make it by putting the sodium in the water which will then be useless since you will have sodium hydroxde.

for the soap you will basically just use the animal fats and water.

what are lapm fronds?

palm fronds sorry. do i use for the soap CH3 (CH2)16 - COOH  +  H2O which will produce what.

sorry i see why the strong base is needed now

you take the fatty acid from the lipid and hydrolize it using a strong base, in this case NaOH

that would get rid of the H on the carboxylic acid and make it polar on one end.

fat(s) + 3 NaOH(aq) -----> 3 RCOONa(aq) + C3H5(OH)3(aq)

can i make fire by wearing out flint rocks

yeah i think so....i never have ...maybe a boyscout...

so you use flint to make fire to boil water to make distilled water

you use the sodium metal with the distilled water to make NaOH

You use the NaOH to make the soap using coconut oil

you have fish you can cook do you need to know the chemical formula for that?

Yes please, and for the gourds can i use the chemical formulas of the fats or which one

you use the oil in the coconut i can curd the milk

hmmm hoping Chem Lou gets on and helps out.

Im on, reading the posts now.

Coconuts remind me of Monty Python, use them as horses and ride to the nearest store.  ;D

Geez, interesting project, stuff like this confuses me. It seems we figured out what measures are needed to get the expected products, now you just need the formulas?

"Yes please, and for the gourds can i use the chemical formulas of the fats or which one"

Not sure what you mean. The gourds are for boiling the water I thought? Im confused. The gourds are for producing the soap as well? You'd have to heat the fats and sodium metal, Is the coconut oil needed for the soap?

Im gonna post this on ChemiCool, Hix3r is good at stuff like this.

Well heres RobJims post, not sure if it will help though:

You need fresh water, soap, food and fire. You have sodium metal, salt water, flint rocks, vines, coconuts, "palm" fronds, bamboo trees, gourds and fish.

To get fire, all you need to do is get the sodium wet and ignite some of the plant substances with it. I think salt water will do the job just fine. For the distillation, you could use coconut shells as containers, or even make a roof of palm fronds and boil the salt water underneath. The steam would condense on the palm fronds, run to the edge (you'd make the roof slanted), run to the corner (the edge is also tilted), and drip off...into a coconut shell. Of course the dirty, salty palm fronds wouldn't produce the cleanest "fresh" water at first...

Soap can be made from ashes and animal fat. I read this in one of the Chronicles of Narnia, but I don't know the details. Google it.

Food's easy, since you already are given fish, coconuts etc. I don't know what your teacher wants with respect to the food. Just boil the fish in coconut shells and you have cooked food. Put some of that salt left over from the distillation for flavor if you want.

Why does the fire need to have little smoke? Is that one of the rules? Palm fronds can make smoke; smoke is what you get when the combustion doesn't finish and so doesn't go all the way to CO2 and water, but instead produces tiny particulates of charred plant matter which make up the smoke.

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