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Can someone help me with electron configurations of ions?

Ok, so the instructions are: Write electron configurations for the following ions. Type your answer using the format [Ar].4s2.3d10.4p6. If the ion has a noble-gas configuration, enter only the noble-gas in brackets.

I've already entered these once, and webassign told me they were wrong. Can someone show me what I'm doing wrong?

The only one I got correct was Pb2+: [Xe].6s2.4f14.5d10

Cd2+: [Kr].4d10
Fe3+: [Ar].4s0.3d5
Zr4+: [Kr].4d2.5s2
Rh3+: [Kr].5s1.4d8
Ag+: [Kr].4d10.5s1


1. Cd2+: [Kr].4d10
2. Fe3+: [Ar].4s0.3d5
3. Zr4+: [Kr].4d2.5s2
4. Rh3+: [Kr].5s1.4d8
5. Ag+: [Kr].4d10.5s1

For #1, do you need to add the 3s0 before the 4d10, otherwise I have no problem with your answers for #1 or #2

For #3, It appears to be the configuration for the element

for #4 and #5 Try drawing the orbital notation and the removing the electrons with the same considerations you had for #1 and #2, and make certain the sublevels are in the correct order.

How about:

Ag+: [Kr].4d10
Rh3+: [Kr].5s1.4d5
Zr4+: [Kr]

I know that essentially, you take the normal electron configuration for the element, and add or subtract electrons based on whether your ion is positive or negative, right?

Anyone? :)

well you always subtract the highest energy level (n) electrons first

so ...

Sorry, it's been a long day. Teaching and parent/teacher conferences and I drive 1 hour to and from school.

Looks good, you may need to indicate 5s0 4d10 for silver.

1 hour to and from..i did that for about a way , now i drive 13 mins

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